These will be on the Sunday 25th March and the Sunday 15th April starting at 10am and ending…. some time later in the day! Whilst the club is generally in pretty good nick there’s always stuff to do. Over the course of these days we hope to complete the following jobs:-

• New Decking outside to the left of the clubhouse
• Jetty Repairs as required
• Judging Tower rebuild
• Holes for Telegraph Poles
• Car Park Tidy Up and infill
• Clubhouse Gutter Clearing
• Shrubs removal from Gas Tank area and Blue Container area
• Clubhouse external painting
• Boatyard tidy up
• Ski Jump scrubbing
• Playground fencing repair

Whether or not you are an expert in any area, an amateur in all areas or just want to make the Tea – please do give up a little of your time to get these jobs done. Thanks in advance.