You see… it’s true…

As storm Doris hits us we can confirm that Spring is on the way.  The early signs at CWWSC are pointing in that direction (and if you are not sure here’s a photo of a daffodil to reassure you).  Keen boat watchers (known as twotchers) will already have seen the signs.  Boats are coming out of hibernation and being spruced up, skis and boards are having screws and bolts checked and, above all, CWWSC are offering another amazing “Work Party” day.

Why not do something different this weekend?
Don’t wash the car or go shopping
Don’t do the garden
Bring the kids to experience a whole new world of “Work Party Sunday”.  Better than Alton Towers and a whole lot cheaper too.

Yes it’s that time of year when we need everyone to muck in and help.  There’s a few little jobs (and some not so little) that need doing to bring the Club back up to spick and span.

We don’t care if you cannot paint, hit a nail, or dig a hole – we will surely be grateful of your help as will all the members.

This Sunday (26th) kicking off at about 10am and going on for ‘as long as it takes’.  Whether you can only spare an hour or spend the day with us …. then  that will do.  Whether you have a particular skill, or no skill at all – then that will do.  We will be pleased to see you.

Bring wellies, overalls, old clothes, gloves and a thirst for mucking in.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday and thank you in advance.