The weather on Saturday the 2nd of September dawned bright and sunny and not a breath of wind… perfect conditions for getting out on the water for a ski, knee or wakeboard… but this was no normal day.. this was SPLASH DAY at Church Wilne and ‘normal’ water activities were put to one side for the day.

Birds Eye View of Splash Day during setup

The giant inflatable slide takes centre stage on Splash Day

Think of ‘It’s a Knock Out’ and you have a good idea what was in store for the club members.  Ali Ramsey, ably assisted by daughter Jess, was Master of Ceremonies and at around 11.00am the first Team Captain Meeting was held to explain the rules.

Meanwhile Chairman Richard had manged to find the biggest inflatable slide ever and after some careful manipulation this was strategically place to spit the kids out onto the lake in spectacular style.


But ‘Master of Ceremonies’ , Ali, decided that he better check this out before the kids were let lose on it….. and as you can see…. it did not go well.



Following the ‘test’ by Ali it was decided to send up some kids to test it out…. but…. are these guys really kids?

The “kids” test the slide

The massive slide proved to be so popular that it had to be turned off and deflated during what was supposed to be the main attraction of the day… the racing….

The first event was the Swim/Ski (or board) – this  involved 3 riders behind the boat, one driver and one observer.  The riders and observer had to start from the jetty and swim out to the boat.  Once the observer  was safely on board, and the riders safely ready to go (!!!) the boat set off around the course, 3 up, to see if they could be the fastest team back to base.  Of course you had to start and finish with all 3 riders behind you!

Next up was the Relay Race ….. 3 in a team passing the toggle between them and again… fastest time wins.

The barefoot demonstration goes by the kids

To say it was a tad exciting is an understatement.  With skis and boards, not to say people, flying everywhere it is true to say that the afternoon had some exciting moments and served up a few bruises to participants.

The afternoon continued with an array of inflatables in the water for the kids to play on and the enormous slide being put to great use.  As evening fell the live band started setting up for their first set about 7.30….but not before a barefoot demonstration…. even the kids stopped to watch.

Before the band did their stuff it was time for the  CWWSC Prize Giving.  Our Cutting Edge Team were all suitably rewarded with Trophies, Chocolates, T Shirts and Certificates – huge smiles all round and some massive smiles from Emily Youd and Oliver Barton who won a wakeboard setup and kneeboard respectively…. not sure who’s smile was the biggest… perhaps Emily wins this contest!

The Cutting Edge Team

Emily’s smile says it all

The Champion Russ

James and Thomas

Molly is very happy

The Grey Café Band

It is true to say that the grown ups probably had a drink or two and as the “Grey Café Band” did their stuff the live music boomed out through the still evening for most of Sawley, Breaston and Long Eaton to hear.  Dancing , drinking and general great fun went on (and on) until the early hours and Sunday morning dawned with a few tired looking faces together with the odd hangover.  (Best cure…. a dip in the water).

All in all a fantastic day was had – this was probably one of the best Splash Days the club has ever had… and it will only be improved upon for next year.

A huge thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this a truly memorable day and evening.

Oh.. and as for packing up on the Sunday… it seems that the huge inflatable slide comes with a problem… how on earth to you pack up a wet massive inflatable slide….not very well apparently!

Putting the giant inflatable slide was not so easy to put away