CNC End of Season (Christmas) Party
For some enthusiasts the season at CWWSC never ends and no doubt we will see people hitting the water on Boxing Day and New Years day.  Yes … there are some mad people out there but it really is fun… join us…
That said, if there has to be an end to the season then we should celebrate it in style and so the CNC End of Season, Christmas Party will take place on the 9th December.  This is a sit down Christmas Party with a spicy twist.  A sit down meal with suitable seasonal merriment and dancing.
  • CNC (Curry n Chilli)
  • Tickets £10 each
  • 9th December in the Club House  – which will be suitably ‘ dressed’  for the occasion – will you be suitable dressed?
  • BYO (Bring Your Own) tipple – and perhaps an extra bottle for the table.
  • Open to all members
  • Pre-booking is essential – there will be no tickets available on the night.
How to book your tickets:
  • Email  – send your Credit/Debit card details –– outlining how many tickets you want.  Please include your Postcode and CW Number within the email.
  • Call in at the club to pay – if the Counter is open then someone will be available to take your payment – ensure you leave your email address and you will receive an email confirmation
  • Telephone – you can pay by calling the club (01332 875574) this weekend between 11 and 1.  (You can try at other times but the Counter may not be open)