Members Forum Report
The workparty day (12th November) was followed by the Members Forum where plenty of enthusiastic members came to get the latest updates and have their opinions heard.  Whilst there was some “official business” on the Agenda this was really the members opportunity to let the Committee know how they felt the club was being run.  Judging from the comments it appears that it is all going in the right direction with no unhappy voices.
Chairman, Richard Hill, outlined that although Membership Fees were going to increase for 18/19 this was only by approximately 3% and this still kept the membership fees below where they were a couple of years ago.  There was also some good news in that the Club Truck would now be available free to members.  A copy of the proposed membership fees was distributed to members.
Richard outlined that the club was on track to hopefully make a small surplus for the year and advised that there were no issues,  no unforeseen problems and the club was running well.  He also outlined that future membership renewals would all be online and a short presentation followed outlining the new system.  A full “how to” guide will be sent out to all members in plenty of time for the renewal period.  The only downside of the new system is that members will no longer be able to spread their membership payments over 3 months  – so please take note.
Tabs -VERY IMPORTANT – a note of everyones outstanding Tab was distributed to those at the meeting and will be sent out by post to those members not able to attend.  Please can you make sure your tabs are settled by the end of November – 
Ways to Pay:
  • Bank Transfer – please ensure your name and CW Number are included with the payment.  Llloyds Bank, 77-08-08 / 54022360
  • Email  – send your Credit/Debit card details – – outlining how much you want to pay (it should be the full amount of your tab).  Please include your Postcode and CW Number within the email.
  • Call in at the club to pay – if the Counter is open then someone will be available to take your payment
  • Telephone – you can pay by calling the club (01332 875574) this weekend between 11 and 1.