Dogs are now allowed on site but under strick rules:-

Dogs must at all times remain on a lead or in one of the secure pens which will be made available shortly.

Dogs will only be permitted in a designated dog safe area on the site, this is clearly signposted and non-negotiable.

When arriving to site with your Dog, you must leave your dog inside your vehicle and open the compound which will allow you to pass through to the dog safe area. The key to open the compound is the same key as the container key.

The dog owner will be responsible for the dog during the entire duration of the visit.

Owners are responsible for any dog fouling and must clean it up immediately.

Dog waste must be put in the specific container which is signposted and readily available.

Scooping devices are available on site.

Dogs barking/ whining or causing a nuisance of any type will be banned with immediate effect.

Any aggressive or non-socialised dogs will be banned with immediate effect.

Any members whom do not clear up after their dogs will not be permitted to return to site with their dog/s.

Only dogs that belong to members are permitted on site.