Cutting Edge

A full report will follow soon but for now…..

HUGE congratulations to ALL of the CWWSC Cutting Edge Team.  We did well and we can be proud of our achievements over the past weekend.  Thanks to all of the team – that includes the competitors, parents and everyone who helped out.

We did not take a podium place but we have it confirmed that it was “very close” and that we improved massively on previous years and most of all we took the prize for being the most enthusiastic and friendly team.  This is all a massive leap forward from previous years.

That said …. whilst we as a team did not take podium place we need have a big shout out to James Taylor who took 2nd place in Kneeboard Trick – FANTASTIC result.  And of course Oliver Barton who took the ‘Ryan Birch Award’ for endeavour.

Well deserved both.

And a big shout out should go to the CWWSC Club, Committee and helpers.

It is safe to say that it was as amazing event enjoyed by everyone.  The fact that it was such a success is, without doubt, down to all the hard work put in by our lovely willing volunteer members…. YOU.
Here are a couple of comments we received from parents and other coaches on Sunday evening:-
  • Nick (who won the BWSW ‘Coach of the Year Award’ earlier this year) commented that he thought the kids ‘team spirit’ was second to none and he congratulated everyone involved in creating this wonderful atmosphere.  He particularly commented how nice it was when one of our team swam out to pick up some skis left in the water by another team member and finally he said how polite, happy and ‘willing to help’ all the kids were.
  • A lady approached Michelle and commented what an amazing club we have.  She lived in Cambridge but said that if she lived closer she would join CWWSC in a flash because of what she had seen this weekend
  • Simon from Mastercraft made a comment about our team spirit at the prize giving but also spoke after the event and said that what we had achieved was incredible both on and off the water.  He stressed that our club and our team and ‘won the day outright’ when it came to team spirit and support for one another.
  • One of the judges said what a joy it was to have such polite kids – never grumpy and always smiling.
So well done to the kids.. and the parents.. and the helpers.. you know who you are.  THANKS.